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How come it is the senators from high achieving states that are worried? Where are the senators from New Mexico, Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana, and West Virginia?

Of course, there are lots of different rankings. People from low performing states like to talk about how good SOME of their high schools are.

Why are some of their high schools great and the rest of their public school systems horrid? I don’t know. That’s a good question.

The Federal Government got involved in public education as a direct result of LBJ, the only public school teacher who has ever been president. He saw the inequity in public schools as a young teacher on the Texas border.

Thirty-eight years ago I came to Cotulla. I was still a student myself. I was working my way through the San Marcos Teachers College.
In those days, neither America nor her schools shared any abundance. We had only five teachers here in the Welhausen public school. We had no lunch facilities. We had no school buses. We had very little money for educating people of this community. We did not have money to buy our playground equipment, our volleyballs, our softball bat. I took my first month’s salary and invested in those things for my children.
— Lyndon B. Johnson (Remarks at the Welhausen Elementary School, Cotulla, Texas. November 7, 1966)

As president, he tried to close the gap between rich and poor systems. He knew that the best way to help poor children is to intervene early. That’s why Title I funds are directed to schools that have a large population of students eligible for free and reduced lunch. Those reading teachers only work in the primary grades. Title I, part of the Elementary and Secondary Education Act of 1965, is a great program. ESSA was great. Conservatives have been trying to destroy it since its inception. I think they have done a pretty good job.

As you note, the attack on Public Law 94–142 has, up until now, consisted mostly of defunding it and then fuming about how it is an “unfunded federal mandate.” But the game is on. DeVoss’s charter schools and lack of enforcement will “return” us to a better time, not by placing kids with needs in institutions, but by pretending they don’t exist.

You let poor performing states move their “emotionally handicapped” students into what is, essentially, a “private school” holding tank and I can line up the dirtbags that would be happy to fulfill that “contract” for your state. Especially if there is no federal oversight.

Hey, let’s make America great again. The states have always done a great job on their own.

There are many who would like to get rid of the Federal Department of Education and return education “to the states.”


You know why your grandmother couldn’t get an athletic scholarship to college? Because before Title IX, THERE WERE NO ATHLETIC SCHOLARSHIPS FOR WOMEN.

Red State America, DeVoss is much more of a threat to you than she is to me.

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