That Scoop Is Plain Vanilla
Jay W. Cobb

I disagree. Thousand Island dressing is a substantial improvement over creamy vinaigrette. It’s also more in line with middle American tastes, so Trump, for once in control of the optics, is forcing everyone else at the table to eat effete Eurostyle dressing, while he has a dressing capable of #MAGA.

I agree with all of the rest of this brilliant analysis, especially your discussion of the pie.

Here is the problem. Trump is clearly a “picky eater.” Nobody likes a picky eater. If I were running against him in 2020, I would label him “president picky eater” and challenge him to a sushi, kimchi, and chili eating contest. I am certain I would win that contest. I would be a terrible president, probably worse than Trump, but I am not, and never have been, a picky eater.

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