Learning from Werner Herzog
Kel Campbell

I don’t mean to threadjack, but man, do I enjoy watching Werner Herzog documentaries. I watched “Happy People” again recently and it just seems unfathomable that you would go to the trouble to make a movie like that. How do you pitch it to the people who will put up the money or work on it? “We’re going to go into the Taiga and follow some trappers with the hope that one of them, or their dog, will be charismatic enough to make the footage worth watching?” Then he goes and makes the thing, and all he needed was the dog. I would just watch that dog for two hours.

I wish I had the answers of Werner Herzog also. You know the moment in Grizzly Man where he listens to the tape and then says it should be destroyed and nobody should ever listen to it again? Well, I kept thinking, “easy for you to say, motherfucker. You just listened to the tape.”

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