It is kinda hard to log in since I’m used to connecting through FB, but a new Gmail account solved…

I have a gutbloom G-mail account. I used it to sign up for Medium. I also used it to have a gutbloom Twitter account.

At some point I needed a Gutbloom Facebook account. I signed up as Gutbloom and didn’t add any information. I imediately was confronted by “people you may know” from my real life. Both people who know me now, and people I knew in the past. Again, there are not supposed to be any connections between Gutbloom and me. I try to make sure there are not.

Facebook is the creepiest thing in the world.

I don’t think there is any real anonymity on the Internets. If Trolls want to Doxx you, it doesn’t take someone who is sophisticated too much effort. There are tons of connections between platforms and data sets that we don’t know.

So, if you want my paranoid world view here it is: Nobody on the Internet is who they say they are, but they know exactly who YOU are. Big Data is asymmetrical. They know everything, we only know what they want us to know.

That said, I’m pretty sure the 25 people who read what I write here aren’t out to get me. That’s why I love Medium.

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