Just for planning purposes — will there be a band to play me off if the speech goes long?
Oh my! The Haven is honored to win the first Mede of 2017.
Page Barnes

I have our new clerk, Claire, working on getting a band. So far there are a number of options:

  1. Alice Brown, the research librarian here at the Mill and a self-affirming “cat lady”, is willing to play the hammered dulcimer if we want. I’m against this option because I listened to her play “Tom Dooley” seventeen times at last year’s Strawberry Festival/Nude Coke and Quaalude Party. We have to give her at least two week’s notice so that she can get her “prairie dress” dry cleaned.
  2. The Swede is willing to play bagpipes (war pipes). We don’t want that.
  3. We could bid on this Hurdy Gurdy on ebay and someone… maybe you?… could play it.

4. We could ask Bob Dylan to play. He’s going to be in Moosejaw tomorrow, so he might be game.

5. Percy is willing to act as “DJ Norequest” and play Jay-Z’s 4:44 album by plugging in her phone to the sound system. She paid real money for 4:44, so playing it at a public performance is totally legal!

What do you think? I like the Hurdy Gurdy idea best. Do you have any problem with bursitis in your shoulder? If not, you will!

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