20 Things That Are Better Than Shopping On Black Friday
Paul Armstrong

In addition the other titles listed on my profile page (“vitae”) I am a freelance listicle critic. I’m the only one I know. I’m sure you have read and listened to many music, film, theater, and dance critics, but can you name one listicle critic? Just me, right? I’m the WG Faulkner of listicle criticism. Here is my review of your list:

1, 11, and 14 are TOP SHELF!

3, 8, and 18 are GRADE A

16 & 17 are perfectly placed in the list and well paired. 16 wins because of the “stuck in traffic”, which gives life to the threadbare “explosive diarrhea” and creates a mental image that is at once both horrifying and funny

Final Tally: I give this list THREE bullet points ° ° ° (out of five, I know it seems kind of low, but I try to avoid bullet inflation. The only listicle to get all five bullet points so far is the Declaration of Independence).

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