What really troubles me, is the fact that they, CNN, seem to be insinuating that if the guy doesn’t stop his Trumpism (watered down Nazism) crusade online under an anonymous username, they’ll expose him. This ladies and gentlemen is the hypothetical spawn that would be the result of the unholy union between blackmail and an anti 1st Amendment alien. And shit, I can’t believe I’m defending this moron.
CNN Threatening To Expose Redditor Who Posted Video Of Them Being Trounced By POTUS.
Ken Kamami

Ken, did you see this article? It has a terrible headline that made people skip it and it is a TWENTY-SIX MINUTE READ, but it is great. A lot of the specifics are wrong, but the general thought here is good. In a fight between CNN and an average shitposter, I’d bet on the shitposter.

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