Dear Clint Eastwood, You are Too Old to be an Idiot, but Stupid Enough to Be a Racist Asshole
Ezinne Ukoha

Let’s say I create a image of the future where me and my friends are doing really, really well at the expense of others. Wouldn’t everyone recognize that as a dystopian vision and think less of me for wishing it?

If, however, I want to turn black the clock 50 years to a time when others are disenfranchised but I’m doing well, what do they call me? Do they call me a conservative? A historian?

How come so many people are unwilling to imagine a better future? I thought Obama was going to go there in his DNC speech. For all the praise heaped on the men who occupied Independence Hall in the summer of 1776, there was only passing reference to the fact that their vision of humanity and citizenship were deeply, deeply flawed. It has taken us until now to correct their shortsightedness and seek the fulfillment of the ideas that they understood imperfectly.

Despite the flaws of our “founding fathers”, at least they weren’t trying to turn back the clock. They had the courage to believe that they possessed the faculties capable of shaping a better future. Whether they were just exchanging one barbarity for another is for historians to decide.

I honestly believe that we are at the best moment of American history. We can fulfill the promise of our founding. I hope we do.

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