Apparently, being one of the “soul bloggers” is starting to get traction.
Lon Shapiro


Anybody who says they’re a soul blogger is a soul blogger, brah. It’s not a title someone else can bestow. It’s a state of mind.

Each morning I get up and surf the blogosphere… not for any purpose, but just to “be”…. as in, “be perfectly wasting time.”. That’s how I center myself. You know what “centering” is, don’t you? Centering is finding the space that is equidistant from responsibility and ambition. It’s what the joiners call the “dead space” in the circle of life.

It is there, at the center, that the muses hang out. A lot of times trivial things like job responsibilities, household bills, my kid’s medical needs, and basic reciprocity with my wife, keep me from finding the “sweet spot”, but today I’m centered because I made time for blogging by not picking up our incredibly expensive co-op share. So what if we eat wilted chard and bok choy for a week? That shit can wait, so that I can do this.

When are you going to blog about the Ultimate Warrior? You should read this Gloss article and watch the horrendous monologue from Bill Simmon’s new show.

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