Elephant Ear Sub Sandwich. It’s a sandwich, but instead of bread they use two elephant ears, and instead of sandwich filling they use three elephant ears.
All the New Concession Stand Offerings at This Year’s State Fair
Brian Boone

Navajos eat “fry bread”, which is fried dough. The best fry bread is made in sheep fat. You can get a “Navajo sandwich”, which is mutton and green chili wrapped in fry bread. Most places that make that will also offer a cheeseburger in fry bread. I used to put mayonnaise on my cheeseburger in fry bread. I was taught to do that by a woman from Philadelphia. You can say what you want about people from Philly being assholes, but they know how to eat.

Everyone thought putting mayonnaise on fry bread was disgusting. It wasn’t. It was SO GOOD. LIKE THIS LIST.

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