Not Proud, But Not Reformed

Reposting Material for Recommends Is Bad Form

This kind of thing is not good manners

My last post, entitled “Tiny Trump Meme Is Everywhere,” is currently skewing my stats by garnering over 2K views. The blogging gods are punishing me. It’s bad form to just post crap from other parts of the Internets onto your blog. On page 736 of the “Blogger’s Bible” it says:

Harvesting content from the Deep Internet and exposing it to light while saying, “behold, the horrors of the world!” is not blogging… it’s what Buzzfeed does.

It’s barbarism, really, and in the Golden Age of the Internets was frowned upon. But Buzzfeed and others made millions of dollars by mining the collective genius of the creative underclass, and Facebook created a platform for nothing but reposting things you did not create.

Medium Is Different

On Medium, things have been different. Very rarely do people just “rip and post” on this platform. Not that they haven’t tried. Here is one of my own moral failures:

Here is another case; Buzzfeed Editor, Katie Notopoulos, currated a collection of “piss-jug” photos. This is old-skool Deep Internet sub-culture shaming. I’m all for it, actually. If it wasn’t for posts like these, I wouldn’t know about bug crushers, adult babies, and master feeders. If you don’t know what those things are, I promise you… you do not want to know.

So, you see, the siren call of posting from the Internet is strong. I know it is wrong, but sometimes I cannot resist. When we do it, we make Medium less meaningful.

What makes Medium fun to read is the direct connection to artistic voices. Really, that’s all it is. My feed has been getting better. I’ve been able to find more of my Medium friends. I can’t tell you much I enjoy reading some of the people here.

You Knew I Would Do This, Right?

So, to make sure my blogger-marm message is clear, creating a post that does nothing but repost content easily linked to is bad form. “Barbarism”, we call it.

Did you know that NPR just announced the winner of the 2017 Tiny Desk contest? The winner was Tank and the Bangas:

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