… And back in India, they make “tawa toast”, with crudely sliced whole loaf a bread, and the…
Arin Basu

Thank you so much for this.

I thought about India and China when I was writing about toast, and genuinely wondered how universal toast was. My perception is skewed by the fact that when you go to an Indian restaurant the breads are mostly flatbreads. So I thought, “maybe toast isn’t a big thing in India”, but you have set the record straight.

I sometimes make or buy ghee, so I’m going to try to make grilled cheese with ghee and see how I do.

Also: I looked up the meaning of “tawa” because “Tawa Toast” sounds much better than “toast”, and will now call a tawa a “tawa” because, until now, I’ve called it a “flat griddle thing with no sides” or something. I don’t have one, but I do use cast iron skillets, which probably cook things much like a tawa.

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