H. Nemesis Nyx

The lack of high quality dreck here at the Mill is directly attributable to your imprisonment of Chinese Gutbloom.

For those not in the know, unlike most legitimate North American businesses that fear that their intellectual property will be stolen by the Chinese, I actually steal intellectual property FROM the Chinese. Ha, ha. The joke is on them. He can’t see my theft because Chinese Gutbloom isn’t allowed on the proper Internet.

Cyborg, you promised that I would get his updates via e-mail. They must be going to my Yahoo account and I forgot the password. I use the same password at all 10,000 sites I have signed up for, so the fact that I can’t get in means that the hackers from Kazakstan have changed it.

Anyway, if you could get a message to Chinese Gutbloom I would appreciate it. We are having some trouble with North Korean Gutbloom. I know, not surprising is it? DPRK Gutbloom has been going on the r/MGPMPPJWFA (Music German people might play at a party or just with friends around) and linking to videos of Celine Dion and Shania Twain. You might think this is just harmless trolling, but he is threatening that if they ban him, he will GO NUCLEAR and infect Redditors with a “North Korean Marching Music” bomb.

If you could ask Chinese Gutbloom to, you know, lean on on North Korean Gutbloom, I would really appreciate it. Tell Chinese Gutbloom that if he can get NK Gutbloom to stop, I will give him chocolate cake! Show him this picture:

But really, I’m going to give him this:

Hey, what’s wrong with Sara Lee chocolate cake? That’s what my mother served on every one of my birthdays. It sucks? Really? I like it… or at least I thought I did… THANKS FOR RUINING MY CHILDHOOD.

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