A proposal: We make exegesis a part of Septemberfest this year.
Mary Holden

The only reason the piñatas are getting old is because we’ve never voted to have the “piñata of death”. If we ever get to have the piñata of death, everyone will say, “now that’s a piñata” after the first whack.

I am reluctant to mix religion and drunkeness/drug use. Remember what happened when we invited the Maeneds?

That said, if we build an altar then priestesses might show up, and I’ve always said, “If you want a PARTY, invite the priestesses, serve sparkling alcohols, keep the lights down and the music up… but don’t be surprised if the end up sacrificing your dog.”

We are very behind our time at the Mill. We haven’t even started planning the September solstice party. We haven’t even hired the summer intern yet! Oh me, oh my, busy day, busy day, no time to make a pudding!

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