Want to trade chocolate Labs for a week or two?
Elizabeth DeHoff

This is an excellent idea! Our dogs look enough alike that the squirrels in my yard would be completely fucked. Many years from now, the older squirrels would be telling the younger squirrels, “beware the brown four-footed one, she only PRETENDS to be slow and stupid to lull you into a false sense of confidence. Then BAM! … that’s how your uncle died. That dog can climb trees.”

On a Sunday we were leaving on a vacation to the Maine coast, our dog cut an a artery on a piece of glass while on her “one more walk before the kennel” walk. Cancelled vacation. Trip to Animal urgent care hospital… $1500. I asked my father what they did in the 1930s when a dog got hurt. He said, “we put the dog in a car and drive it to C._______ (about an hour and a half away).” I asked if it cost so much. “It cost enough that daddy complained about it.” “Did you ever lose a vacation because of a dog”, I asked. He said, “We never went on vacation.”

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