Meanwhile on a Parallel Earth…
Thaddeus Howze

This is so great, and it gives me a little bit of hope. I hope your article breaks out a little bit and that people who normally would skip an essay on race will read this crystal clear explanation.

I’m hopeful about that because you take on a wide range of topics, Thaddeus Howze, and are my go-to authority on comics. Maybe this gets a little more penetration because of the breadth of your writing.

The most distressing thing to me is that the lines of understanding have barely budged throughout my whole life. All those clips of Ali… those were from when I was a kid. I sit an wonder, “Yea, so great, but what kind of difference did it really make?”

If Medium and social media don’t allow voices like yours to break through, then I honestly have no use for either. If your response gets buried by 50 articles from the Ringer, then we’ll know that the fix is in once again.