These Vintage Ads Illustrate Why the World Needs Feminism
Ashley Lauren Dickinson

What a great collection of ads. The level of violence is shocking.

There is another part of the sexist world that has faded from memory, one that television shows and historical movies seldom portray, but women used to be segregated.

My grandmother, a widower, used to have to wait for my high-school aged uncle to come home from boarding school to eat at certain restaurants and travel because “unescorted women” were not allowed in many restaurants and hotels.

When I was young, the front porch of a yacht club we belonged to was open to women until the afternoon. Then they had to get off of the section that was in front of the men’s bar and that section became “men only”.

The next memory I need some help with. When I was working in the Hippodrome in NYC during the early 90’s, my mother, born in 1929, came to visit me where I was working. We were standing outside the building and she said, “Oh, there’s the Harvard Club, I used to go there with Geoffrey,” she then pointed at a small door away from the main entrance and said, “that’s where I would go in.” I didn’t understand, and she explained that women could not use the main entrance of the club, but they were allowed in the dining room, and so they entered through a back door. I would point out the door in a picture, but when I do a GIS for the NYC Harvard club it looks different than I remember it. I can’t find the door she pointed to.

I just watched the first episode of “Sherlock” and it has some kind of feminist message, but, like Downtown Abbey, I think the depiction of the past on television is often a whitewash. Like these ads you have posted here, there isn’t much “entertainment” in some of our former realities.

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