Is It OK To Come Back to Medium?
Elliot Nichols

Is It OK To Come Back? Sure, Man. Hey, Now That You Are Back, Can You Lend Me Five Bucks?

What’s this? I’ve been summoned. Who did this? Elliot Nichols? What the fuck, Elliot, I thought you were in Hawaii. No, this is a smoking jacket not a bathrobe. I was getting ready for bed. You’re lucky I have pants on. Yes… it’s a box of crackers. How else are you supposed to eat cheese while watching the fights in bed?

On behalf of the Membership I’d like to say that this is a great time to return to Medium. To quote Crosby, Stills, Nash, and (maybe) Young:

There’s something happening here. What it is ain’t exactly clear.

That was Buffalo Springfield? Nobody knows that. As far as the Millennials are concerned, it might as well have been the Beatles themselves.

I did weigh in on clapping. In short, I’m for it. While I was a big fan of receiving “recommends”, I’m totally suckered by inflation. You know what is better than one heart? Two claps! You know what is better than two claps? Three claps! What is better than three claps? A slice of French Toast! Are you getting all this or should I slow down?

Medium Might Be Doing The Impossible

I was on LiveJournal when it became part of Six Apart. It went south and just kept on sucking. It continues to suck until this very day. I was on Gawker when it started to suck. Then Nick Denton introduced Kinja and there was HOPE. Then, enemy of enemies, Peter Thiel, a man too dumb to see a garden variety NYC dirtbag for what he is, killed Gawker out of spite. Fark, HuffPo, the Yahoo message boards, Digg, Suck, Facebook and Buzzfeed all have one thing in common. Once they started sucking, they never stopped.

I’ll admit that I have said… more times than I would like to admit… that Medium has started to suck. It’s true. I’ve said that. I even might have really believed it when I wrote it.

It might suck now, BUT I’M NOT SURE. It doesn’t suck for me. Despite the changes, I can still do what I want to do. What I want to do is post dreck and have people read it and respond to it. I get that here.

I also want to read people who are unfiltered by an editorial process. I want the straight sauce. You know what? I can read Tim Barrus without making a face. That’s right, motherfuckers. Straight Tim Barrus. Tim Barrus neat.

I don’t want anything between the author hitting the publish button and me reading what they wrote.

I think I still get that. By using the “new in your network” section, I think I get to see most of what the people I “follow” write. So, for me, the platform is working.

Medium Membership

I am a member. I am happy that my claps have a little bit of money associated with them for those who choose to publish through the partnership program. It’s something I have wanted to see for a very long time. How well it works remains to be seen, but it MIGHT BE KIND OF WORKING. Let’s hope so.

OK, I admit that I’m a Fanboi

I’m glad you are back, Elliot Nichols, even if it is just for a visit. I see it as a good sign. I’m not sure we can get the whole band back together, but I think this platform is evolving in a positive direction. It’s my favorite place on the Internet. I could write about all the reasons I like it, but nobody wants to hear me shill for Medium. Either it works for you or it doesn’t.

That said, I think exciting things are starting to happen again. I see sparks of genuine life. Look at what alto is doing over at CG.

That’s quite different from the CG of a year ago. Alto’s prompt this week also invokes the power of the back catalog. There is a lot of wonderful writing on Medium that the feeds will never find again. Figuring out how to mine the riches of what is already on this site may be an important part of moving it forward.

Did I answer your question? No? What was the question again? No… that’s the goat cheese, not my socks. I know because that’s what the smoking jacket smells like when I wake up in the morning.

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