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Will you be my second wife? As dowry, I’ll give you 4K of my medium bot followers.
Graham Anderson

When I was a kid we had a milkman. He came to the door every other day and delivered milk, cream, and… eventually yogurt. Delivering yogurt and chocolate milk were the death rattles of the milk delivery business.

There was also a guy named John Marsella, who came around the neighborhood in a fruit truck. It was a box van, like a UPS truck. On either side of the center aisle were bins of fruit. The women came out of their houses and told him what they wanted. They paid cash in exchange for a brown paper sack of fruit.

Neighborhood kids could buy an apple or orange for ten or fifteen cents.

I’ve never understood why the fruit and milk deliveries stopped making economic sense. It seems to me that Amazon has brought us back to where we once were. Was the problem that you had to walk out of your house, or that nobody was home during the day. Oh, there it is. Had John Marsella been willing to work from 4 PM to midnight his business might have survived. Instead, he opened a high-end market in the middle of town and made a KILLING.

PS: I forgot to respond to your kind offer of engagement. The answer is, “yes”, but I insist on a champagne toast and a groom’s cake (I don’t care which of us is the groom).

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