Gawker, 2002–2016
Alex Balk

Wow. You’re Gawker DNA must be at work. This is the most vigorous set of comments I’ve ever seen on Medium.

I’ve read countless post-mortems about Gawker. What I haven’t read is a paen to Gawker commenters who have been made homeless by Denton’s enemies. What did Hatless Suspect, Nefertitties, or Miz Jenkins ever do to Peter Thiel? Nothing, but who cries for commentors besides Gutbloom?

I would invite the creative under-under class here to Medium, but let’s face it… Medium is too slow moving for grade A commenters. They will be forced to wander the ether looking for a place to make their funny.

When I find them, I will tell you where they went.

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