Really? What’s that like? 😬
Ryan Luikens

You have no idea. I work with lots of women. My work partner is just astounded at how I can say something and everyone nods their head. She says the exact same thing and it goes over like a lead balloon. I have SO MANY EXAMPLES of how I get cut unbelievable slack that the women who work around me don’t get.

There are no people of color around me. I live in a bowl of milk, so I don’t have experiences like that to share, and however weird I am, I’m well practiced at keeping it on the inside, so I don’t have to contend with that.

I went to the DMV yesterday to get my license renewed. The DMV folks were totally nice. I had the form filled out, a check, and the whole thing took maybe ten minutes. Why? THE SYSTEM WAS BUILT FOR ME.

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