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Damn, I must be a lightning rod for crime then. If it’s so rare then why have I had to fend off burglars and attempted break-ins on several occasions. All with what Hillary would call an “assault rifle”. Absolutely love the AR15. Strongly recommend for home defense. Lightweight, accurate, and effective. Great go to gun for anything from sports to hunting to home defense. As for the 39% statistic, I’m more concerned that the number is that high. A gun in a safe with the ammo off in another room isn’t doing you any good. Only time they should be locked up if when you are out of the house and even then you should have a sidearm available. You think cops keep guns at their side 24/7 because it looks cool? Well okay kind of. But still… Hillary has been a proven enemy to the second amendment as have many democrats. Every year they lose more seats. Feinstein as stated ban all guns. Pelosi. Hillary. Bill. Obama. Even Reid has distanced himself from this kind of talk to save his sorry self from being removed. Nobody is buys this crap Rupar. Nice try though.

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