Capstone Project — The app for housemates

This post is part of Interaction Design Capstone Project, the 10th and last course of a specialization offered by Coursera.

It was a long journey. 10 weeks of lonely hard work, starting with a needfinding process, interviews, observation. The creation of storyboards, paper prototypes and mock-ups was the next step. And than it became part of a collaborative project and that’s why I would like to thank the remix submission’s designers Jennifer Carden, Justin Wong, Arvind Kumar Agarwal, Prasitha Thomas and Christopher Griffin.

But what is this about? During the Interaction Design Capstone Project we found out a common problem: housemates have huge communication problems. Must of them have verbal agreements to share the household chores, do not know by memory when a housemate is going to make a party or is going to offer a dinner for friends and family. If they need to communicate between themselves, specially when more then two people live together, the communication is even harder.

That is why Housemates was created, that is why it is unique. It is because the solution was conceived by the ones who are the most interested: the housemates themselves. It was also experienced by them and validated by them.

And here is how it came up. After the definition of a needfinding, the first steps of Housemates came out with storyboards and prototypes.

From the storyboards emerged the first wireframe, with which we could proceed the heuristic evaluation, an important part of the project that helped us to conceive the best possible solution for the problem.

That is exactly why we focused on a exclusive solution: the Housemates app!

The app is simple and easy to sign up, because less is more. Addressing the main needs of those who live together: that is how app works!

There are three main functions in Housemates. It allows you to verify and fulfill a shared calendar, distribute and control tasks created for each housemate and send and receive messages between those who live together.

It is as simple as it seems to be. Do you want to invite a new housemate? With few clicks he or she will be able to make yours and your new housemate’s day by day a lot easier.

Housemates was tested by real users, which gave us the feedback needed to make the beta version of the app even better. Do you want do learn more about the project or give it a try? Click here and don’t forget to share your impressions with us by visiting our website.