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In March I wrote a post titled A Call For Inclusion. As I wrote then, I’m not expecting you to change overnight or immediately be able to apply what I wrote in my call out. It was an invitation to start the process. To quote what I wrote then ‘I need to see that you will do more than share your mates’ stories and prop them up every time you run an event. I want to see you confess to your ignorant colour blindness. I want to see an apology for why you have excluded us. I want to see you signing up for programs on social justice run by people of colour. I want to see you sharing our work and paying us for the work we do, not asking for free labour. I want to see you writing about what you discover about yourself and tell your skin kin that they too, must be all in. …

Preface: I wrote this poem Fever Pitch back in January and shared it in full with my Patreon supporters only. Why?

Truth is, I was hiding.

I was fearful of the reactions I would get from publishing these words. I know that these words must be read, so I’m now posting it here on Medium. I’m done with hiding, I’m done with silence and being silenced, I’d done with narratives and perceptions of who I am and what I look like, I’m done with playing small and being made to feel small because there are performative allies among us who clutch their pearls at the mere suggestion that their whyte, white, huite, yt skin is not a privilege, who use fragility, entitlement and their whiteness as weapons every single day against anyone who isn’t. I will no longer allow people like that to have power over me. …

If you are in the spiritual, wellness and entrepreneurial arenas, I’m calling on you! Will you create change?

It probably hasn’t escaped your notice, and I’m sure you don’t live under a rock, but speaker lineups in Australia in the spiritual, wellness and entrepreneurial spaces are not diverse. They’re also not very diverse in other western countries either, but because I’m Australian I want to address the elephant in the room locally.

I have posted several times on my social media about lack of diversity, more pointedly — lack of inclusion — in spiritual, wellness and entrepreneurial spaces. I have shared my opinions about magazine covers and morning show TV panels but there’s something closer to home and in the spaces I’m in that I hope to create and encourage a movement on and that’s true inclusion. …


Sharyn Holmes

Biracial mamma + anti-oppression consultant + coach + humanitarian. No bullshit advocacy (she/her). Founder of Formidable Voices: Rising BIWOC