Gratefulness is a choice. Have you ever considered the population of earth? I mean really considered it? Like sat for a while and thought about the implications of it? The scope of it?
 Today almost 7.5 Billion human beings are alive on Earth. 
Nearly 2 billion of them are under the age of 14.
Over half a billion people are over the age of 65. 
And everyone else is somewhere in the middle. This means that the "working" population is around 5 billion people. In your life you will probably meet less than 10,000 people according to the most generous estimates. So, you’re not even going to encounter .001% of the people on earth. Consider that when you’re making snap judgments about the way people choose to live their relatively short lives. You may want the same consideration some day.

Have you ever considered how amazing it is that you are on the internet scrolling at your leisure? Does it occur to you that you have been given an exceptional life even when it’s superbly difficult? As of 2015 the Pew Research center reported that 56% of the world’s population lived on an income equivalent to between $2.01 and $10.00USD per day.

7% (525,00,000) of that same 7.5B people are amongst the highest earners on the planet at a whopping $50 per day. For Americans, this means if you make $7300 dollars per year, you qualify as a mid level income earner on a global scale. Here’s an article to see where your income lines up against the overall American wealth scale,

Maybe all of these numbers aren’t doing anything for you. Maybe you think, “So what, that’s not in my control”. Maybe you’re right. But when you begin to understand just how awesome your life truly is, you will begin to grasp how incredibly important it is not to allow inconsequential events to shake you from being grateful. Yes, even YOU. Because again, the fact that you’re reading this on some internet device/vehicle means you have been afforded an opportunity that over half of the world’s population has not. Yes, that’s right, over 4 billion people don’t have smartphones with regular internet access ( Let that sink in. Do yourself and all of humanity a favor today… Find some gratefulness and positivity, then spread it. Help me accomplish that goal by sharing this with your friends and family please. Let’s push against the loud voices of those few people who haven’t heard yet. Thanks for reading.