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Hint: it’s not the idea nor the execution.


One of our customers fired us. I have to say that after the tremendous efforts that we invested in the project it was shocking and disappointing. More than that — we are angry at this customer. We feel that she does not appreciate the time, money, human resources and all that we did for the project. But… bottom line: we are out.

Like in every project, I like to conclude what went wrong and what went right, so we can improve for next times, and provide better products and services to our…


Ever since I can remember myself, my mother and father told me that school is the most important thing (Hey mom and dad! You’re officially mentioned on Medium now). I wanted to play basketball with my friends? Sure they said. Only after you’ll finish homework. I wanted to go out with my friends — they were half joking, half seriously asked if I’m ready for my finals… shortly said: school first.

So I was doing what I was asked to do: went to school, invested tremendous efforts in scoring A’s in each test I took, went to the best university…

I wanted to place a picture of a cat laughing, but couldn’t find one

When I was a kid, people often asked me “Hey kiddo, what will you be when you grow up”? With a lot of confidence, I said “a lawyer”. Why? because this is what my mom thought I should be.

Growing up, I always knew that in order to get into a good law school — I have to have really good grades and to nail it in the SATs. What I didn’t know is that life has its own plans for you, and I ended up being an entrepreneur… but… what’s really interesting is that I thought I should be…

Guy Altagar

Creative Executive| Entrepreneur | Global M&As | Digital Pro | Dangerous When I’m Bored

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