We need to modernize our antiquated, broken higher education system. Here’s how:
Marco Rubio

Good luck Senator Rubio. You are entering into a battle with one of the most entrenched bureaucracies in the United States. A serious change to our system would be as transformative a period as the transition to the combustible engine from the horse and buggy. I must euphamistically disagree with you. The system isn’t broken. Based on its inherently flawed structure, it’s running exactly how we think it would. Just like our government, it doesn’t manufacture or create anything tangible to sell to an able and willing market place. Therefore, the system needs to confiscate as much money possible to exist, and just like our government, they’ve become unbelievably good at it. Over the years, this terribly flawed system (K-12 included) has been co-opted by the “left leaning” in a quite successful campaign to promote victimization and alarmism. (war on women/climate change) I wish you all the best in this endeavor!

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