MicroServices and yes, a bus

The best talk at the IBM Technical Conference in Madrid October last year was definitely “Understanding IBM API Connect in the context of API’s, the interaction tier and micro services”.

Kim Clark addressed many topics that have had my interest over the last period of time. A perfect match. And a great speaker!

Kim explained (and confirmed) that:

  • MicroServices are an application architecture,
  • Would have been called Micro (Service) Components,
  • Are not the next big thing after SOA, the contracts stay the same,
  • Micro Services bring some great new insights and inventions,
  • But not everything should be turned into microservices, on the contrary.
  • Micro Services have their own challenges, e.g. data consistency

What really struck me was his statement that microservices themselves have a need for integration and that an integration platform could serve nicely for this. Indeed, MicroServices have a need for routing, protocol switching, transformation and so on. Martin Fowler despised the ESB in his famous Micro Services article. But integration platforms are becoming lighter, run in Docker containers themselves and become compatible with REST/JSON/JavaScript/…

What a talk in Madrid, congrats to Kim Clark!