Con Edison launches Cars to empower its customers to drive electric.

New York energy company extends its portfolio of Enervee products, continuing to place its customers at the centre of its new energy experience.

In June this year, Enervee launched its sister choice-engine to Appliances — Enervee Cars. Just like Appliances, Cars is designed to help all of us make better buying decisions. And when it comes to buying our next set of wheels, this better decision could very (very) likely mean switching away from a combustion engine, to an electric motor. The benefits of switching for us as consumers are many and large — no emissions, far lower fuel costs, fewer maintenance issues and — in many cases — a spectacularly improved driving experience. Yet, the actual decision to make the switch remains complex, not least because the vast majority of consumers still do not see those benefits — even though they’re singled out as being highly desirable by all car buyers.

Seems we’re all potential EV buyers, but most of us just don’t know it yet.

With this insight, and as we slid into this year’s sweltering (and most likely emission-fuelled) summer, we at Enervee were thrilled and proud to launch Con Edison Cars.

Delivering transparency and ease to car buying.

Con Edison is already a long-standing strategic partner of Enervee’s, with the Con Edison Marketplace using the Appliances and Lighting choice-engines to drive better buying decisions across a wide range of products, appliances and lighting. Con Edison was also the first partner to seamlessly offer customers the opportunity to learn more about — and sign-up for — solar power, via the integration of Pick My Solar on its Marketplace.

With Con Edison understanding the importance and opportunities of the emerging energy customer experience, it makes perfect sense to extend that experience to include empowering shoppers to make better decisions when it comes to cars.

The launch of Con Edison Cars was widely picked-up by the trade media, with some even recognising the importance of the choice-engine concept in their headline (‘Con Edison launches EV choice engine for consumers’). For us, this is a huge win. Whilst Richard Thaler conceptualised the choice engine in 2014 as the ultimate in helping nudge consumers make better choices, here at Enervee we’ve focused on making this tangible (and engaging) for consumers. Without restricting consumer options, Enervee’s choice engines help consumers find the best options through the use of their own data — supplied in the moment and by the consumer. The result is the clearest view of what makes the most sense for that consumer.

For Enervee, it’s not about fewer choices, but better choices, built for — and by — each individual consumer.

And with Con Edison extending their new energy proposition to consumers across the state, it’s a further demonstration of Enervee’s commitment to deliver a seamless and personalized experience across every consumer’s increasingly complex and diverse energy-related choices.

See here for the press release from Con Edison on the launch of Con Edison Cars

About Enervee:

Enervee is the world’s first software-as-a-service company that combines data science, behavioral science and digital marketing to drive consumer energy saving and engagement, by transforming the way we buy.

Enervee’s IDEAL Customer Platform empowers the energy sector worldwide to transform the customer relationship, providing the most advanced and scalable suite of integrated tools and services to engage consumers in energy-related buying behavior and drive cost-efficient energy savings.

The company is headquartered in Culver City, California.

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