Building a new Student Handbook

If anyone has ever used a student handbook and tried to organise their courses, they will notice one big thing; they suck. They are hard to navigate, aren’t based upon the regular use cases, and are overall a strange labyrinth of course codes that mean nothing to the regular user.

With building this, I could plan out everything nicely, but I think that it would be better to just wing it, and iteratively develop with feedback from my peers (who are conveniently university).

Straw, sticks or bricks?

The first question that has to be asked is “what do I actually use to build this project?”. In terms of web, I’m comfortable with front end javascript/html/css, and I work with PhP in the Laravel framework at my day job. For this project, I want to use modern technology that allows me to handle both front and backend. Node.js immediately comes to mind, but I have no idea how to use it… I need to get an opinion.

I messaged my friend Nick to get a better understanding about Node, and found out that it’s used for backend services. Manipulating the front end would be achieved through something along the lines of React.js or Angluar.js.

Before I start this project, I need to become somewhat familiar with the tools I’ll be using.

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