What to build….

So I just finished my last project (a website popularity data visualisation). Making this project made me excited about the possibilities of code, and now I’m damn well excited to start the next big thing!

But what to make?

Outsourcing coolness

I tried making a list of cool things, using the multiple websites that list project ideas. However, many of these didn’t really appeal to me. They were tests of ability sure, but they weren’t unique enough to draw my attention. I would have to come up with my own ideas (bummer!).

Criteria based creativity

True creativity is not just “Eureka” moments, but a well-honed process of thought. To figure out what to make, I decided to make a list of criteria, and then brain-storm around each thing. My main criteria were:

  • Novelty: The idea has to be somewhat unique, not a copy of something that exists.
  • MVPable: The idea’s core value should be able to be built quickly (i.e. not something which gains value only when complete)
  • Shareable: Inspired by classmates checking out my project in their own time, I want this to be a project that people share.
  • Interactive: I wanted the behaviour of the project to be controlled by the user.

With these criteria, I started building ideas off of them, first targeting each individual criteria, and then seeing which ones happen to fit within the other criteria.

  • Dog photo generator: Randomly gets dog photos from the internet.
  • Community ranked dog photos: same as above, but with global ranking (tinder for dogs, if you will). NOTE: apparently this already exists
  • Facebook security ranking. Goes to your Facebook site, and tells you how vulnerable you are to attack. (bit hard though)
  • Something for university students. (Maybe a better course navigator? Could have ratings, preliminary course graphs etc. Could be used to structure your degree. “Build-a-degree”)

Ok that last one is really exciting. Fuck the system. I’m building this…

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