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Guy Allan Davis is a certified master chef who specializes on patisserie designation in pastry. He knows that you have to be well informed and be ready to do your best in order to secure your share of success.

Irrespective of your line of business, sales are probably an important part of your field. Even if you don’t actually work in sales, as a professional you will need to be able to sell ideas, project roles, and cooperation. To become a successful professional, you need to learn to listen sincerely to others and understand their needs, desires, fears, and frustrations. Instead of talking people into something that they do not necessarily want, try to allow that person to reach the decision on their own. Whether you’re selling products or ideas, learn to present your product with clarity, concision and honesty and highlight the advantages or benefits of that product.

To become a successful professional, you also need to hone your communication skills. How you communicate can make or break your professional opportunities. Be aware of your appearance, words, tone, and body language.

No matter what professional field you work in, the ability to get along with others and work collaboratively is an important part of any business. Accept that you may not agree with others all the time and they may not always agree with you. It is always better to seek a win-win situation. Do not try to argue or fight with others, as this may result in fractured professional relationships.

​Guy Allan Davis is a pastry consultant and a member of World Master Chefs Society (WMCS). He graduated from Southern Alberta Institute of Technology (SAIT), Canada, and Jon Jacob School of Technology, Germany.

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