Jagdeo wrongfully targets Eric Phillips while he stands accused of egregious crimes

Surely we are living in the twilight zone orchestrated by non other than the Former President of Guyana and PPPC strongman Bharat Jagdeo. Today Jagdeo has reported that he will be filing a complaint against SARU Advisor Eric Phillips. Eric Phillips has been the target of death threats since Jagdeo’s focused stream of attacks on the corruption tracking organization SARU. Phillips was bold in his response on facebook where he implied that if he or his family were attacked, he would respond in kind. Jagdeo and his minions have taken issue with this statement; to be clear, for purely political reasons and they intend to milk as much mileage as possible from it.

This writer finds it astonishing that Jagdeo was ever considered to be President of Guyana once, let alone twice and with a possibility of yet a third term. “A pervert who married a woman in a show ceremony, did not go through with the legal process to validate the union, never consummated the marriage, but kicked his bride out of the matrimonial boudoir on their honeymoon night. A man who salivated while murders were ravaging the land, and when questioned about his actions retorting that he was not concerned when criminals kill criminals. A man whose lips during every election campaign dripped viciously with racist interpositions and nullifications. A man who presided over the kind of environmental terrorism against a capital city because its majority constituents did not belong to his racial or ethnic grouping.”

Surely, anyone, any institutional agents with any memory, with even half a brain could not take this vicious human being seriously as he feigns outrage at Phillips. Jagdeo must be investigated for the crimes against humanity for which he will no doubt be found guilty. He must be arrested and tried and incarcerated for his corruption, collusion, conspiracy and other egregious crimes against citizens of Guyana. Jagdeo must not be allowed to manipulate the justice system of Guyana for his own selfish, evil, ends. Guyana has suffered enough at the hands of this fiend.