Why are AFC officials silent?

Freddie Kissoon’s March 4th article titled ‘An action of President Granger that went unnoticed” was based on an alleged recording of Raphael Trotman’s comments at his first press conference as returned leader of the AFC, held two weeks ago. Kissoon reported that “Raphael Trotman said that outside of ministerial entitlements carved out in the Cummingsburg Accord, President Granger appointed three Ministers on his own.” Trotman named the three ministers as himself, Agriculture Minister Noel Holder and Business Minister Dominic Gaskin, who is the President’s son-in-law.

If he is known for one thing, Trotman’s reputation for spouting seemingly unprepared and ‘off the cuff’ comments is nearly legendary. These recent comments of his however are patently untrue and some wonder if they were mischievous. One also has to wonder about the silence from the AFC camp in seeking to clarify the public record considering that AFC politicians Moses, Ramjattan, Holder, Gaskin, and Trotman himself are all aware of the facts as they relate to the Cummingsberg accord.

The facts are that the Ministries of Agriculture and Business are both allocated to the AFC under the Cummingsberg Agreement. It was the AFC party that nominated Ministers Holder and Gaskin.

The facts are that after positions were settled, Prime Minister Nagamootoo and Minister Ramjattan approached the coalition saying that there was no position available for Trotman and that he was prepared to walk. Because Trotman had played a pivitol role [co-campaign manager] during the campaign and because he was a qualified and capable candidate, the position of Minister of Governance within the Minister of the Presidency was identified for Trotman.

Trotman’s role was identified and continually changed based on many factors and only after consultation. It was never President Granger’s unilateral decision to engage Trotman and it was certainly not his decision to appoint Holder and Gaskin.

More than 10 days have now passed since the erroneous comments were made by Trotman and yet there has been no clarification for the public record. By now, a senior official in the AFC should have clarified Trotman’s comments since they all have the facts. We await their response with bated breath.