Importance of creating.

The TIME person of the year, 2006, which was widely criticized for being a short-sighted gimmick, was YOU! Why would I or you be the TIME person of the year? We’re insignificant.

Because you, you control this age. The Information Age.

The Internet has granted us a chance to level the playing field. No matter where you’re from, we have access to the same amount and same quality of information. And information, my friend, is a very powerful tool that has brought down entire civilizations to its knees.

I find it weird that most people fail to realize the disruptive power of the technology which we use to see cat videos in. What we take absolutely for granted.

I feel different, I feel the crushing weight of responsibility for utilizing this resource, this tool, to shape the world through creating.

Creators have always been and always will be the people who shape the world. From Parietal art 40,000 years ago to large-scale distributed systems made using C++; It’s the creators who are remembered for millenniums to come.

So get out of the couch and do something cool!