boost your happiness in 23 seconds

You feel bad about yourself, miserable, are you not happy?

Here is a quick solution just pull out your smartphone, take a photo of something, a dish you’re about to it, maybe yourself smiling in front of a fountain (#amazinday). Now just upload it to any social network, get tweets, likes, loves, smiles, shares, yeih!!!

Doesn’t really work? News flash, wanna feel better? It’s not about you, it’s not about me, it’s not about anyone, it’s just a moment in time.

Take up your phone, open the camera, look outside of yourself, what do you see?

Whatever it is, it just is.

Take a picture of that moment, don’t control it, don’t try to understand it. It might be dog shit somewhere, or just someone walking. When you take the picture, look through the “lens”, don’t think how this picture may get you followers, may make you look good, just look at the moment and try to capture it.

Can’t decide when to click?

It’s because once you take out your camera the moment is gone, but hey, no worries, there is always a new moment right after.

Just click! Find the right moment where the moment is just a moment, no one else is there, not even you, but you are just there.

Now, you have a great photo!! you can get thousands of likes, shares, your friends will love it #zen #photooftheday #iamfamous #fellingmindfullnessmeditaioniscool

You know what, you should do something else, just delete it. Yep… click delete, delete the photo, it’s over, the moment is gone, you are gone, the photo is gone.

How did it make you fell? Good? Bad? Nothing?

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