How a Pair of Scissors Lead to Great Customer Service

“Tell David I’m blasting off into space tonight and will not be back for 6 months.”

That’s what I told my Ruby Receptionist to tell David Kelleher, owner of CGI Interactive, last week when he called to test how Ruby handles calls.

In case you don’t know about Ruby, they’re a virtual receptionist that answers calls in a super friendly and personable way. I highly recommend them!

The great thing about Ruby is they have an awesome culture, similar to something like Zappos, and all of the receptionists have a great personality. After all, the receptionist I was talking to, Sasha, was fun enough to actually relay my space adventure message to Mr. Kelleher.

Sasha’s thank you note

Anyway, I just got a thank you note in the mail from the receptionist who handled my call! She even went through the trouble of going to our website, printing my picture from our “About” page, cutting it out and pasting it inside a rocket which she then glued to her note. Talk about effort!

But think about it, now I’m writing a post with links out to Ruby (Here’s another one) and bragging about their culture and customer service. The ROI of Sasha’s note is immeasurable.

That’s what great customer service looks like.

Guy Bauer is the founder of the aptly named Guy Bauer, a full service video agency in Chicago, IL.