A Letter to Jamie Dimon

I read hundreds of posts relating to crypto in the past few months. This is by far the best crypto space summary, not only for Jamie, but for all of us, trying to make sense of the cactus :)

I suspect that you may use Ethereum for your Chain project. If so, you are certainly aware of its scaling limitations and costly gas fees. IMHO, Ethereum paradigm, even with sharding and POS implemented, prohibit killer apps with its economic model (gas, limited governance).

So I am a bit surprised that your post does not mention EOS as an example of developer platform that may solve the actual decentralized apps challenges: no transaction fees, non-consumable tokens, built-in governance, 1 billion $ reserve to fund DAPPS development, parallel processing and practically unlimited tx/sec with spectacularly low latency.

Anyway, I will definitely follow you. You have a very powerful mind. Thanks