Why I Wrote ‘How to Lead Like a Woman’
Dr. Lisa Galarneau

“I wrote that piece because I spent 25 years in the tech industry, which is dominated by what I referred to as ‘masculine’ approaches to business.”

I could not agree more.

“Very few women are able to crack the silicon ceiling, because of a lack of respect for how we choose to work and a lack of awareness that there is another way.”

I agree with this as well. However, you don’t say what/who lacks the respect and awareness.

Once I understood that (from Sapiens, Harari) that everything that is not a fact established by the scientific method, is just a story somebody else invented; I realised that my internal narrative and core beliefs are changeable and do not have to be the ones I grew up with.

One such story is that x is a masculine trait or y is a feminine trait. Without that story its just human mind activity. Those labels explain how two different stories were told to boys and girls. I think these stories expand way beyond the biological, given that hormonal output varies in one sex.

For me, there is not enough calling out that neoliberalism is the root driver behind almost every aspect of inequality today. Neoliberalism pervades every aspect of life these days — far from being isolated to economics (being a story that has been integrated into so many other stories). IMO, it rewards actions attributed to masculinity so disproportionately. The people in charge of corporations or institutions do this seemingly unconsciously (I see corporations as machines that people operate for a brief period and as such have no independent mind, and that ironically we are already being dominated by them because the operators retain no sense of responsibility for what these machines do over time). The operators of any corporation/institution that wants be diverse seems to not realise that they need to emphasise where/when feminine traits are valuable as well in a gender neutral way. So that any member of these that believes in a narrative that invalidates one trait over the other is not welcome. For example, it is easy to show that communication and collaboration are jam packed full of actions currently attributed to femininity.

However, core beliefs have a strong defence mechanism and can only be changed from within but, from without change, can be affected by providing alternate narratives that establish logical incoherence or incongruity and then only repeated information incongruent with expectations have a chance to span the tipping point.