Can you really have purpose in life?

Quit living as if the purpose of life is to arrive safely at death — Mark Batterson

Early one morning I was driving north on a hwy for a meeting. It was still early enough that as the sun was moving higher that one could still look up and see the moon in the sky. It is a simple moment, but still a moment when many of us would consider how small we are.

We can feel small in the world, insignificant even. We go about our routines daily, consistently, almost placing life on auto-pilot until our feet hit the floor for the next day to restart the process. Within our automated processes of going to work, getting the kids, loading and unloading the dishwasher we begin to wonder is there purpose to it all? Can I have purpose in life?

Thankfully the God of both big and small has spoken on the matter. He speaks in His word, the Bible, regarding one of our biggest questions. One of the keys, however, is to realize that purpose begins with Him and not us.

3 Steps for Purpose:

  1. Be a pleasing aroma.

This step seems strange, yet it points out our purpose. The first two chapters of Leviticus direct us to God’s instruction on presenting offerings in worship. Over and over we see the author stating that this is an aroma pleasing to the Lord. The Apostle Paul in the New Testament uses aroma (2 Cor 2:15)to describe the life of disciples. Through faithful worshipful obedience we live out our purpose as a pleasing aroma to the Lord.

2. Acknowledge the importance of worship

We all worship something. What we worship determines our puropse in life. If we worship money and status we will forsake everything for our bank account and power. If we worship safety and comfort we will not be bold or live out the mission of God. We must acknowledge the importance of worship in our lives and then worship the Creator of the universe. When we become aligned in worship we will begin to live with purpose.

3. Meet with the Savior

Just like that morning I drove north for a meeting, we must determine to meet daily with the Savior. When Paul met Jesus he radically moved from persecutor to purposeful mission (Acts 22). Just like Paul you and I can move from automated processes to purposeful living. When we see the importance of worship for our life, then we will seek daily to meet with the Savior. Because meeting the savior is the bedrock of authentic purpose.

Read Leviticus 1 & 2 Corinthians 2:15 . Write down how many times aroma is mentioned. Ask the Lord to show you how to be a pleasing aroma. Commit to one or two ways to be a pleasing aroma to Him.