How to do the Right Thing

It’s never wrong to do the right thing

A good friend of mine in a sermon shared, “It’s never wrong to do the right thing.” That principle has always stuck with me. In some ways it has become a guiding principle to life. Why?

This principle has become so important because we often choose to do what is wrong. There are specific life moments when we know exactly what we should do, yet we don’t do it! We just don’t!

One word makes all the difference in these moments of our life. That one word is: TRUST.

Trust can be the determining factor in right actions. With trust we believe that God is in control even when doing what is right is not easy. We see this in the life of Joseph. The big picture of Joseph’s life is that in Joseph doing what was right, God’s sovereignty shined through.

3 Ways Trust Leads Us To Right Actions:

  1. Joseph told the truth to his family.

Joseph told the truth and his brothers hated him for it. They hated him so much that they threw him in a pit, sold him into slavery, and took his colorful coat dipped in goat’s blood and lied to their dad about his death! Literally, his family forgot him! Joseph’s trust never wavered. Doing what is right may have it’s own set of consequences.

2. Joseph ran from Potiphar’s wife.

Potiphar’s wife tried over and over to seduce Joseph. She came on so strong to Joseph that he physically ran away. Then he was lied about and placed in a dungeon, a second pit. In the second pit he interprets more dreams for the King’s personnel hoping he will get out, yet he is forgotten again.

3. Joseph told the truth to Pharaoh.

When Joseph is finally remembered he is cleaned up and brought before the king. Joseph continued to do what is right and explained to the king on earth what the King of the universe is going to do. A severe famine was coming. He did the right thing and was now placed as second in command! When we are forgotten by others we are never forgotten by the Lord.

Joseph’s trust in the Lord never wavered because he continued to do what is right. Trust in the Lord guides us to do what is right even when doing what is right is difficult.

Read Genesis 41:39–44. Ask how has God been faithful to me when it was hard to do what was right? Consider what needs to be done that is right and write down action steps that will help accomplish the task.

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