Simple Faith On The Complex Road of Life

When Jesus is in the story it is possible that the future might just be better than you think.” — Louie Giglio

Over and over again in the the gospel of Mark we see both the authority of Jesus displayed and the thread of faith that leads to extrordinary events. I want to share 3 principles for you that stem from chapter ten of Mark’s gospel in the New Testament.

  1. Simple Faith Leads To Extraordinary Acts (Mark 10:13–16; 49–52)

Jesus often uses the simple to explain the complex. Elsewhere he speaks of how faith is like a mustard seed. It begins small but grows into something vast and strong. In Mark 10, Jesus uses the faith of a child to teach the disciples on how to welcome the Kingdom of God in their life. This faith is simple, holistic, and complete. We see this kind of faith at the end of the chapter when the blind man is healed and Jesus’ authority over physical conditions is glorified. Simple faith leads to extraordinary acts!

“Go your way”, Jesus told him. “Your faith has healed you.”

2. Submissive Lives Are Used For Eternal Treasures (Mark 10:17–22)

Everyone wants to go to heaven. By title, the rich young ruler possessed all the world had to offer. Many would have called what the ruler had heaven on earth. This ruler had even kept the religious to do list of the day! Yet, he still longed for the security that the hope of heaven brings. Jesus loved the young ruler and then spoke the one step he was missing, the act of disobedence that kept the ruler in the cloak of insecurity.

Jesus told him to sell what he had & follow. This drove the rich young ruler to shock and grief. How dare he tell me to do this?! Who does he think he is, this teacher?! Don’t miss this — Jesus has the authority to speak into the worst parts of our lives. When we are submissive it not only places us in a right relationship with Him, the King, it propels us to live for things that matter for His eternal kingdom.

3. Servant Hearts Are More Valuable Than Titles (Mark 10:37–45)

Jesus teaches His disciples here that their idea of a valuable seat must change. He states how the Gentiles, the group they would not have liked, were dominant over others becasue of the titles they possessed. This path is not the one of the Jesus’ follower! The follower of Christ is to serve! Serve gladly, serve compassionately, and serve from the heart. This type of service is more valuable than earthly power, because it is infused with divine power. It is the very example of the Lord.

“For even the Son of Man did not come to be served, but to serve, and to give His life — a ransom for many.” Mark 10:45

Simple faith, submissive lives, and servant hearts can transfer us to future with Christ we may never have thought of before.

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