Resolutions Tracking #1: Pleasantly Surprising Start

A month and a half ago I jotted down some goals for this year. Untracked goals are as good as non-existent, thus track them I shall. I intended to write this post monthly, but this one comes a month and a half in. As twelve months happen to divide one and a half evenly, this seems like reasonable spacing as well; but as with every other goal, consistency is the most important target. Onto the goals:

Health, sports, and diet had three concrete goals:

  1. Lose weight. I have not been weighing myself consistently. The one time I did, about a week ago, I was at around 79kg. A single weight measurement tells you as much about your weight as a random person on the street tells you about the population’s average height; but the measurement is in the right direction, if nothing else. I have been eating better: heavy on meat, eggs, low on sugars. I should eat more veggies (always), and weigh myself more consistently.
  2. Exercise. Resounding success. I signed up for a CrossFit gym in Buenos Aires, and have been averaging four visits a week in every full week I have been going. Need to stay on track and stay healthy — stretching, foam rolling, and getting enough sleep.
  3. Ultimate Frisbee. Not so much. I played once since moving to Buenos Aires. I should make it out more. As simple as that.

The learning cluster had three separate goals as well:

  1. Read more. Barely passing. I just finished the first book I was reading this year this past weekend, and only because I was on vacation. I would have to make more time for reading for reading’s sake if I want to consume eight books this year, much less twelve.
  2. Learn linear algebra. So far so good. I made exactly half way through Gilbert Strang’s MIT OCW course so far. With some focus I could finish it by the end of March, and then move onto the next one — perhaps probability theory? (albeit the book I have in mind is a ~700 page monster, so I would have to think about how to structure my way around it)
  3. More machine learning. I started working on a project and documenting my work, but I have not made much progress so far. I should pick up the slack on this one.

The next track I set out for myself is the future track:

  1. Maintain academic course. So far so good. Nothing exciting here.
  2. Use the summer. What I’ll be doing this summer is still entirely an open question. I applied to a number of programs and internships, but have not heard back from many just yet. If you have a good idea for something I should be doing, I’m all ears!

Lastly, I wanted to write more. So far I have not written beyond this post and its predecessor, and as I noted before, this one is later than I would have hoped. The mission becomes to keep up this new pace, at the very least, and perhaps go a little beyond.

This does not look bad. Some goals are entirely on track; others could use a nudge back in the right direction. If I keep this pace for the entire year I will be fairly happy and somewhat surprised; roadmaps are made to be deviated from. But on the balance, I am happy with the state of the union thus far. By the next piece of writing I hope to have finished the linear algebra course and figured out what I will be occupying myself with this summer, along with making progress on the other goals. Good luck to future me.

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