50 Actual Plots from Recent Pornographic Videos

Contains spoilers.

Taxi driver propositions rider. They have sex.

Student blackmails tutor. Tutor spanks student for her impertinence and they have sex.

Brother discovers sister is a stripper. She gives him a lap dance and they have sex for which he then pays.

Woman masturbates to distract herself from the pain of getting a tattoo. She and the tattoo artist have sex.

Job applicant has sex with interviewer to obtain position.

Woman gets caught shoplifting. Security guard subjects her to strip search. She has sex with him to avoid criminal charges.

Two men use app to arrange wordless meeting with woman in which all three engage in sex.

Woman has sex with stepbrother and his friend in order to borrow car.

Clothing designer models bikini to win over investor. She has sex with him in order to secure financing.

Woman tells man she wants to have his baby. He expresses uncertainty. They have sex.

Woman arrives at house to perform in her first sex scene. After a brief interview she has sex with the camera operator.

Man slaps dancer on ass in strip club. Bouncer offers to throw him out, but she has sex with him instead.

Woman mistakenly sends nude selfies to stepfather. He blackmails her to engage in a series of intimate acts culminating in sex.

Failing, disruptive student is spanked by professor. She asks for more and admits to seeking his attention. They have sex on his desk, after which he tells her she will receive a passing grade.

Woman has heard man has a big penis and asks to see it. He complies. They have sex.

Woman is caught watching porn and masturbating at work by her boss and his associate. All three have sex.

Man gives woman a box of sex toys. She asks him to instruct her in their operation. He does so and they have sex.

People bid at auction for a night with a porn star. Later, while the winning bidder is having sex with the porn star, the man with the next highest bid sneaks into the room and suddenly penetrates her. After the two men agree to split the cost of the winning bid all three engage in sex.

Woman texts boyfriend’s roommate while drunk, confessing her attraction. The following day she and her boyfriend’s roommate have sex.

Babysitter asks for, and is denied, a raise. She has sex with her employer for money.

Woman experiencing problems with her office PC has sex on desk with leering IT helpdesk worker.

Woman touches coffee cup lovingly, drinks coffee, then undresses and caresses self.

Best man walks in on bride masturbating. They begin to have sex. The bride’s soon-to-be sister-in-law walks in on them. All three have sex. The groom walks in on the threesome, calls off the wedding, and leaves. The three resume having sex.

Stepsister hides in stepbrother’s bed, home from college. They have sex, careful not to wake their parents.

Woman hoping to get cast in better roles has sex with her own agent.

Man caught watching porn portraying swinging couples admits fetish, asks girlfriend to have sex with his friend while he records it. She tearfully then angrily then eagerly acquiesces.

Woman brings her gym partner home as a surprise for her boyfriend. The three have sex.

After graduation two college students celebrate by wearing matching lingerie and having sex with the rich older boyfriend of one of the students.

Married couple invite wife’s ex and his girlfriend to dinner. Husband and wife each seduce the other woman and man respectively, then all four have sex on the same couch.

Woman shares her excitement over starring in porn video with five men. She has sex with five men.

Brother body swaps with sister. He feels himself up in her body, she feels herself up in his body, and then they have sex.

Woman catches custodian spying on her in locker room. She has sex with him.

Substitute teacher has sex with unruly student in front of unruly class.

Men with camera in van offer to take woman waiting at bus stop to her destination. She accepts. The men treat her rudely; she undresses for them and has sex with one, after which they throw her clothes out of the van. She exits the vehicle to retrieve her clothing and they drive away, leaving her stranded.

A woman and her BFF have sex with a friend of her father who is staying at the house due to marital problems.

Woman whom a married man met at a bar breaks into man’s house in order to blackmail him into having sex with her. She succeeds.

Couple is being shown home by real estate agent. They ask for some time alone and proceed to have sex. The real estate agent returns. They ask him to join them. He does.

Woman dressed in lingerie and gift bow surprises another woman with a lap dance for her birthday. They have sex.

After massage masseuse offers sex in exchange for additional compensation. Client agrees, pays her, and they have sex.

New boss asks employee to prove he’s comfortable working for a woman by having sex with her. The two have sex in her office.

Woman experiencing difficulties with her game console asks friend for assistance. He repairs it and then ridicules her high score, claiming he can do better. In order to prevent him from doing so she has sex with him.

Man helps his wife’s friend select an outfit which necessitates her dressing and undressing in front of him. The woman admits that asking for the man’s advice was a pretext. They have sex.

After an almost interminable amount of bad driving and poor instruction, a student has sex with her driving instructor for free lessons.

Man harasses woman in public until she agrees to perform sex acts for cash. He gives her money and they have sex.

As part of his workout man has sex on gym equipment with personal trainer.

Two women in bikinis fail to adequately wash car, then have sex with one another. They are then joined by an unidentified man.

Man fondles and penetrates sleeping woman. She awakens and they have sex.

Personal assistant tasked with hiring escort chooses to have sex with her boss and his business associate instead. She does so.

Two women jog past a photographer and his assistant. They stop and ask the men if they will take explicit photos of them. The men agree; all four go to the women’s house and have sex.

Woman looks at porn site and masturbates.