A Brand In Full : Bringing Honesty Back to Brand Stories

Why Storygami asked Elephant Branded to put it all On The Line

What’s the part of your company that you really rather wish nobody knew about? Is it the glitch you never fixed and let pass? Is it the corner you cut for a deadline launch? Is it the margin numbers that don’t add up?

More often than not we tend to pick and choose the things we offer up as part of our stories. Your brand has to present an attractive offer to whoever is watching and you never know who is watching right?

But you know what else your brand has to be? It has to be fearless. You have to be willing to open up and offer up a part of your company that is genuine and heartfelt. That’s real strength. It’s courage.

It’s something we all admire.

Today people who buy into whatever it is you’re offering also want to buy into you. So although transparency may seem scary it can also be an investment in building a customer relationship that holds firm for longer.

Test Case: Elephant Branded and #OnTheLine

When it came to telling Elephant Branded’s story for the Virgin Media Pioneers web series #OnTheLine we made it clear to founder James and his partner Tim that we were in no way interested in some soft-focus-reality-tv-docu-soap-CSR-story. We wanted to use our Storygami platform to present a brand in full: with deeper layers of context and nuance.

#OnTheLine tells the story of two friends running a company that brings repurposed cement bags from a village in Cambodia into high street stores in the UK.

What Storygami as an interactive video company are interested in is helping tell smarter stories. For brands and companies this means that they can give a fuller picture of what, why and how they make their products. Our vision is for Storygami to help brands like Elephant Branded offer more of themselves to the people who are watching. For James and Tim, there would be no reason not to put it all up there, warts and all.

For this series when we integrated what we like to call ‘branch content’ (contextual layers of further information and content) into the episode videos we did so with the intent of offering something that enhances the story being told. Each branch has to offer something a viewer can connect to, where they have a chance to get to know Elephant Branded better.

James and Tim are good guys — we did push them a little — but only because we knew the medium we were creating allowed them to bring the context to everything that they were saying. It worked out incredibly well.

You can watch #OnTheLine the series that uses our ground-breaking interactive technology at the Virgin Media Pioneers website.

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