An Open Letter To My CEO
talia jane

If i get it right, you make slightly over 20k per year… Congratulations. I raised 2 kids — one autistic — with less than that and they got fed, educated, loved and cared for. Ok, no a lot of steak on the table but there is way to not only eat rice and drink water when you know that you can’t afford a rent of 1k per month! Without utilities. My son is now 21, do less than 1200$ per month at this exact moment. Didn’t hear him whining that his life is not like as the Silver Screen was telling him it should be. He rented a room instead of a 1k place! I guess I gave him the reality of life by example: You get what you can afford and manage with efficiency what you have, not by trying to live over your means and if you want high end stuff? Work harder, save more, shop on internet and be smart. Can’t blame your boss,parents, friends. My son speaks 2 language,fly Canada/USA 2 times per year (yep, with less than you as income), sleep in Egyptian cotton sheet, roll in turkish towel and wear Dolce Gabana. How? He goes second hand, dig internet for amazing deal.

You do realize that you pay more than a mortgage for your rent? For afford our mortgage, that is not even close to your rent, my husband need to work more than 60hrs per week? That is nobody fault that you are in trouble but your. Most people can’t afford a rent of 1000$ without utilities and you thought you can? No math class in your education? Get a job at 25$/hr at least first then. Until then, get what you can afford and stop blaming the society because your life is not like your TV show.

Why is it your bosses fault that you never had a reality check and that because they made money and have great houses they should share with you? I’d like to see what kind of parents you got… really.

Sorry if my English is not perfect, clearly not my first language. But mathematics aren’t lost in translation and one word is the same for you or me: Budget. That thing that tell you what you can and what you can’t have. Might want to google it.

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