Sir Tim Berners-Lee attended the Decentralized Web Summit June 8–9, 2016 at the Internet Archive in San Francisco, CA

Blockstack at the Decentralized Web Summit

Blockstack was invited to a historic event at the Internet Archive for making a decentralized Web. Details at:

Below is a recap of events from the summit including community tweets, images and content.

The venue for this event was the beautiful Internet Archive building.

Some of the event attendees at the Internet Archive building in San Francisco, CA. Photo Credit: Brad Shirakawa

Vint Cerf, creator of TCP/IP, talked about preserving our collective knowledge and history.

Sir Tim Berners-Lee, creator of the World Wide Web, talked about how we didn’t really achieve the original goals of the Web and it’s time to re-decentralize it.

Next, there was a panel on Naming & Identity with Muneeb Ali (Blockstack), Jeremy Rand (Namecoin), Christopher Allen (Blockstream), and Joachim Lohkamp (Jolocom).

Question for Muneeb: What problem are you solving?

Muneeb’s Answer: Blockstack gets rid of trust points and gives you a truly decentralized Web.

Next, Muneeb explained how usernames/profiles work on Blockstack.

Question: Peer-to-peer systems are not new, what has changes now that we can decentralize the Web?

Panel at the Internet Archive event in San Francisco #dwebsummit. Photo Credit: Brad Shirakawa

There was a discussion on how Bitcoin and the blockchain has changed the game for building a decentralized Web.

Question: Lessons learned from 2+ years of production deployment?

(a) Performance in production is the real test where rubber meets the road.
(b) UX needs to be as good or *better* than centralized systems.
(c) Can’t tie yourself to any particular blockchain. Bitcoin might not be around in 15 years, but the decentralized Web needs to live forever.

And then Sir Tim Berners-Lee created his username/profile on Blockstack. This was a surreal moment where the creator of the original Web joins a decentralized Web.

The news went viral on Reddit:

Next day, another workshop on Blockstack:

In one of the best pictures from the event, Sir Tim Berners-Lee is having a discussion with Brewster Kahle (Internet Archive) outside the Internet Archive building and the sun is setting in the background. This picture makes us feel like “everything will be all right”.

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