State House Headliners:

Guv bullish on Lake Champlain powerline, but will veto minimum wage increase

State lawyers to help immigrants in fed courts

Prostitution bill dead in House Judiciary

With denials and new name, carbon tax study $$ in budget

Video games linked to school violence study?

By Guy Page

State House Headliners:

Pot smoking leads to more opioid abuse by pain sufferers, not less, peer-review studies say

Bill would let state-paid public defenders advise immigrants in federal court

Bill would make heroin, coke possession a misdemeanor

By Guy Page

A medical marijuana dispensary operator told a Vermont newspaper that…

Legislature repeals vagrancy, lets cops remove guns in domestic disturbances, helps Burlington biomass plant heat the city

By Guy Page

In California, the popular “Weedmaps” website — a/k/a “Craigslist for Cannabis” — directs customers to stores illegally selling marijuana without a license, at prices 30–50% lower than licensed stores paying…

With medical marijuana expansion, towns can’t “just say no” to pot dispensaries

By Guy Page

S216, allowing a medical marijuana prescription for any medical condition, will get a quick look in House Human Services Committee next week. …

Vermont House Committees this week will consider Senate bills to:

Increase minimum wage (but exempt students)
Change Open Meeting Law
Import prescription drugs from Canada
Add program to mitigate childhood trauma
Control gun ownership
Charge $40/parcel to clean up state waters
Create new panel to manage toxic chemicals
Transfer cars to siblings tax-free

By Guy Page


Carbon tax study, human trafficking, marijuana odor bills survive 2018 Legislature “Crossover”

By Guy Page

Bills about drones, fireworks, marijuana odor, studying carbon taxation, the statewide voter checklist, campaign finance, child fatality, human trafficking, vagrancy, animal cruelty and more survived the Vermont Legislature March 2 crossover deadline and remain under…

Group says Senate ignored pleas by doctors to testify about dangers of industry-driven over-prescription of psychoactive drug

By Guy Page

After refusing pleas this week by at least two Vermont doctors’ organizations to listen to physicians about the medically-appropriate uses of marijuana, the Vermont Senate Friday, March 2 approved S216

In the Vermont House This Week - Headliners reviews bills in House committees, including:

· Homeless bill of rights

· Bans of smoking in apartments/condos, drone flights near prisons

· Statewide ethnic studies standards

· Marijuana odor town/city ordinances

· Registration/fee for selling household hazardous products, and more

By Guy…

Vermont State House Headliners:

House gets tough on coyote competitions

House passes gun seizure bill as ‘school safety’ measure

New VEC CEO understands wind power congestion

Committee wants to spent $100 K to study carbon taxation

House backs new official state flag for veterans

By Guy Page

Vermont Chronicle


State House Headliners:

Pot legalization may mean more suicide and traffic deaths, less heroin interdiction;

Carbon tax would benefit Chittenden County, at poorer counties’ expense;

All 30 senators sponsor Vermont Equal Rights Amendment

By Guy Page

As Vermont prepares for the July 1 legalization of “personal possession” of marijuana and…

Guy Page

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