Signs they love you vs. like you (vs. only love themselves)
Kris Gage

This is tough stuff. Love is a very high bar in my crazy little mind — self-love, especially unconditional love, seems self indulgent and unrealistic if I’m being honest with myself. I am working through years of deceiving myself and while being a success in matters material (job, house, car, family, vacations, $$, etc etc). the only way to anything resembling self-love must go through self-forgiveness and then self-acceptance.

Can’t I be truly in love with another person (for the first time in decades) while working on being in active battle with being happy with and accepting myself? Shit has happened, can’t forget some of it and it’s not all stuff to love myself about, but I can get to right up accepting it. And believing that what is happening, what I working to make happen with one other special person, is ‘love’, real high-bar love and, despite me being not sure I ‘love’ myself completely, I can be all in on being in love with another…can’t I?

and thanks for your posts..

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