Rotten APPles, the trusted site for apps

This past two weeks, I had the opportunity to work with Ebenezer Gavieres and Krista Feierabend on the fourth project for this UXDI class. This project was about exploring a problem/area of opportunity for an existing brand.

We wrote down any topics that came out to bring out a theme, and present a idea with a back up to stakeholders. Our 2 ideas were not accepted, so it was back to the drawing board!

Within the idea approved by stakeholders, the problem the team wanted to solve was this: How do people find the best apps and successfully make them a part of their lives.

We started this project by doing what we had done in the past, research. As sources of inspiration, we chose the Apple Store but focused on Rotten Tomatoes for their popularity and their existing branding.

We then interviewed people who used these sites for reviews and also downloaded apps.

Competitive Analysis: We analyzed Rotten Tomatoes and the App store against others sites on the features they had.

Personas: We fleshed out two personas from our research.

From our interview findings and research, we prioritize on features and sketched out possible layouts for pages.

We then moved to some paper prototypes to test out our features.

Krista helped a great deal in visualizing these high fidelity wireframes from the feedback we had received after the testing of prototypes. We didn’t need medium fidelity prototypes, because there were not many changes to make, excepted the apple rating icons.

We were able to present an idea that we believed in, because of the necessary research we had done.

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